Residency Unlimited


Roey Victoria in her studio. Photo by Katja Harbi

RU Talk: 90 Minutes with Victoria

Meet Over Lunch: Khaled Barakeh, The Practice of Necessity: on Artistic Activism and Cultural Hacking

RU Talk: Vedran Kopljar, Plank Communication Center: Quarterly Report

RU Talk: Tadej Vaukman, Katarina Petrovic, Lukas Hofmann in conversation with Rachel Gugelberger

Meet Over Lunch: Jaroslaw Kozakiewicz, Critical architecture: design strategies and artistic practices

Meet Over Lunch: Neta Gal Azmon

Meet Over Lunch: For Care, Arts of the Working Class

Meet Over Lunch: Survival Kit for an Illiberal Scene

RU Talk: Joanna Borkowska in conversation with Raphael Rubinstein

RU Talk: Shanice Smith, The Tropics Bite Back

Panel: Artist Safety Hosting, A Discussion on Practice

Meet Over Lunch: THE ABILITY TO EVADE; Uncertainty Labs, Social Objects and Non-Knowledge

Meet Over Lunch: Kerim Kürkçü, Digigether Art & Social Cohesion

RU Talk: Ahaad Alamoudi in Conversation with Lilly Wei

Meet Over Lunch: Ian Ginsburg in Conversation with Vitaly Komar

Meet Over Lunch: Art as Disruptive Knowledge in the Times of Emerging Technologies

RU Talk: Elena Ishchenko in Conversation with Amanda Parmer

RU Talk: Qëndresë Deda + Amanda Parmer

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