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Talks | Apr 21 2020

Elizabeth Moran: Against the Best Possible Sources


Elizabeth Moran presents on a recent site-specific installation at Southern Methodist University that contextualizes her practice and directly feeds into the work that she plans on doing while in residence at Residency Unlimited. Informed by a preoccupation with the subjectivity of facts and the evidence of unknown or little understood histories, Moran's research-based practice takes form in photography, audio, text, and found objects. Her current multi-year project Against the Best Possible Sources examines the earliest history of the first professional fact-checkers, a role invented in 1922 by TIME, then a fledgling magazine, and held exclusively by women until 1971.

Elizabeth Moran is one of four artists participating in the 2020 NYC Artist Residency Program dedicated to artists whose practices fill in gaps in historical knowledge and represent a range of diverse voices traditionally underrepresented in the arts. The program is organized by Rachel Gugelberger, RU Residency Program Director/Curator of Programs together with Alyssa Alexander, NYC Residency Program Assistant.

The 2020 NYC Artist Residency Program is supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the city council and generous support from individual donors.


Elizabeth Moran

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