Residency Unlimited



Anissa R. Lewis (May – July 2022)

The RU staff was so accommodating and thoughtful. Your sincere and deep care for us and our work was amazing. Every artist should have this kind of support for their work.

Ádám Albert (April – June 2022)

My residency program in New York was well organized by RU and at the same time it was highly personalized. I see it as an important step in my professional artistic development. The RU director and staff provided a supportive, creative framework for my residency.

Eva Giolo (March – June 2022)

My stay in New York gave me the opportunity to share my practice with a number of artists, filmmakers and professionals based in the US. Those connections have lead to a few invitations: The Millennium Film Journal which is the longest-running publication devoted to artists’ moving image and consists of highly readable image-rich commentary about the most innovative contemporary artists working with analogue and digital media, will be publishing an article in their next Autumn’s issue about one of my film work ‘Flowers Blooming in Our Throats’. Following up one of the studio visits at RU, I’m now discussing the possibility of elephy going to FAMU, the cinema school in Prague for a talk in 2023. Finally, I’m delighted that my last film The Demands of Ordinary Devotion has just been invited to be part of the 60th New York Film Festival next Autumn at the Lincoln Center.

Èv van Hettmer (May – June 2022)

I would like to say thank you to every member of the RU team for supporting me during my residency and opening up doors for me in NYC. I was able to move into the next level of thinking of my career and art practice…I still feel the inspiration collected during my residency as a main source of my creativity.

Wawrzyniec Gucewicz (February – March 2020, May – June 2022)

I worked on four big scale political/social paintings. It was great to meet young curators from RU and I hope we will stay in touch.

Nazanin Noroozi (March 2021 – June 2022)

RU is a fantastic residency program especially for artists/curators who come to New York for a short time. I value my time at RU and am grateful to have had the chance to be part of this unique and very supportive residency. I appreciate the studio visits, the field trips, the ample time it provides and the opportunity of building a wider network. I hope to be able to continue working with RU in the future and stay an active member.

Adrian Fernandez Milanes (April – May 2022)

I realize that this residency is one of the strongest art residency programs in the US. The passionate, professional and intensive dedication of their staff make this an extraordinary program.
I cherish my experience there and I’m fully confident that this residency has given a substantial impulse to my career as an artist and its great impact is yet to be measured in the near future.

Téo Betin (March 2020, April – May 2022)

It was a real pleasure to work with the RU team – and I’m really expecting to keep in touch for future projects and finding ways to continue this great adventure.

Atalya Laufer (May – June 2022)

I loved the productive energy and focus. It was a fantastic experience to be meeting so many curators during a such a short period of time! The organisation of this is really remarkable! I have found the openness, flexibility and helpfulness extremely pleasant. A very inspiring and intensive time! Highly recommended!

Nadra Jacob (February – April 2022)

I think the most important connections for the development of my career were the constant meetings with curators.
I would like to say thank you again, RU is not just a program, but a great family, a great community, I was very fortunate to be part of this magnificent program, I learned a lot.

Marissa Gutierrez-Vicario (February – May 2022)

Through conversations with folks, especially Carina, I realize that I can take more time to be intentional about what I want to produce and why and that as an artist, I have a responsibility to do as much research as possible. I also feel great inspiration from the cohort, especially from their presentations and seeing how beautifully they infuse their personal experiences with their art.

Trasonia Abbott (February – May 2022)

I enjoyed the diverse group of folks that have come through during the workshops. My cohort mates shared with me opportunities that I’m not pursuing so that’s exciting. Each of my cohort mates and the people involved with planning the residency are all fantastic and I’d love to see how their careers continue to grow in the future.

Adalky Capellán (February – May 2022)

VoM has given me the pressure to work on my art and do more than what I usually allow myself to. I am also inspired by the work of others I’m working in the program with. Seeing my cohorts’ work really made me want to re-question the way I paint my own things and to paint and be thoughtful of what I am able to craft, and how I have authority in my role and the design may be more creative in what I may draw.

Ibtisam Tasnim Zaman (February – October 2022)

This residency experience was a lot more challenging in ways that I didn’t expect. It pushed me to view the possibility and capacity of art and expand the boundaries of art making. VoM has given me a lot of emotional support and connections that would’ve taken much longer to build otherwise.

Maria Nalbantova (March – April 2022)

I would like to thank Residency Unlimited for the great support and shared time.

Melanie Windl (September 2021 – February 2022)

The RU residency offered me significant and precious opportunities to develop my oeuvre beyond chartered territories and connect me to highly interesting art professionals whose valuable feedback is an inspiration for what I do as an artist. I feel very fortunate that all this was possible, even during a pandemic.

Carlos Estévez (November – December 2021)

This residency is compact, dynamic and intense, managed by a highly professional team. It was one of my best experiences and has planted promising seeds for the future. I achieved a lot in a small amount of time. In these difficult times, the RU team was heroic in realizing all this. I made important connections for future collaborations.


José Moñú (September – November 2021)

My experience was fantastic, even the meetings on Zoom for critical feedback which worked surprisingly well.

Lene Lekše (October – November 2021)

Thank you so much for making my program happen, RU was the perfect place for doing it! I couldn’t wish for a better place and such a lovely audience. Finally I did what I originally wanted to with the Whistling project.

Matthias Liechti (February-April 2020 / October-December 2021)

What I appreciated most about this residency was the warm community you created. In a work-work-work city like NYC, such a warm and personal environment is worth gold.  I also appreciate that you always respected my wishes. You brainstormed, helped to organize and make things happen but never asked me to do something I did not want to do.

Lucia Gavulová (September 2021)

I appreciated how kind, professional, devoted and helpful the RU team is. Their care about the residents and the freedom given to them is balanced and provides a sense of well being. I also appreciated the possibility to make a public talk, the direct connection to the artists.
Everything was smooth and well organized. Both online visits and studio visits in person worked well.

Kristina Arnold (May – July 2021)

This residency was a shot of adrenaline into my studio practice. With the energy of the city, its vast resources, and the support of the super-accessible and professional RU team, my time spent at the residency was immensely productive, in both idea generation and work creation. Additionally, the connections I made with artists and curators from literally around the globe (both virtually and IRL!) are invaluable.

Predrag Pavic (July – August 2021)

Despite the pandemic circumstances, TMU and RU fulfill their role as great hosts, and the residency time in NYC is a great experience and an opportunity for personal growth and progress. Thank you all for that.


Andrea Davila Rubio (July – August 2021)

This was my first artist in residency. It allowed me to open my work to new and more experimental approaches and to leant how to adapt a project to the particular environment I’m working in. The most useful were weekly meetings with the curators because it’s something I personally wouldn’t have had access to and RU did a great job maintaining a healthy balance. between virtual (in this pandemic situation) and in-person….