Residency Unlimited


Yanelis Mora Morales, Process of "LABERINTO DE LUCES II".

RU Exhibition: Reconciliación by Yanelis Mora Morales

(Hope)stalgic materialities and wishful horizons

Giant Hogweed: From Eradication to Nourishment, from Struggle to Care with Adam Vackar


Transposing comic cartoons, female bodies, witches, goddesses, daughters, artists

Meet Over Lunch: Talk between Lőrinc Borsos and Lili Rebeka Toth

RU Talk + Workshop: Art in the Digital Age—Tips to navigate the Maze of Technology and Art

RU Exhibition: El Maletìn de Dràcula (Dracula’s Briefcase)

RU Talk: Lenka Glisníková in conversation with Meghan Forbes

RU Talk: Studio Serendipities – Nomadic Practice in Central Eastern Europe

Meet Over Lunch: Places, Spaces and Collective memories by Anna Jensen and Eliisa Suvanto

Meet Over Lunch: A Presentation by Elisa Bertaglia and Gabriele Grones

Meet Over Lunch: Leave the Community Alone—The Ethics of Curating Contemporary Art in Villages

José Manuel Mesías in conversation with Ivy Huang

Art and Conflict—The Impact of Theater in Lebanon

RU Talk: Shaping an Art Odyssey—from Concept to Continent

Meet Over Lunch: A presentation by Martina Bábinová

Living with toxicity: A show and tell with Jelena Micić and Heather Davis

Open Studio: Recent works by José Manuel Mesías

Meet Over Lunch: Aikas Žado Laboratory (Žeimiai Manor House) | A presentation by Eglė Ambrasaitė

The Ways We Are It (TWWAI)


Material Connections

Meet Over Lunch: A Brief of Art Field by Duffy Du

Meet Over Lunch: A presentation by curator Iris Ping-Chi Hung

Open Studio: Recent works by Rocío García

Alternative Practices: Working Beyond the Institutional Framework

The world is just a word by Pavle Banović

Meet Over Lunch: Where art meets or even connects with activism

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