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In 2011, Residency Unlimited (RU) and Artists Alliance Inc (AAI) joined forces in an effort to support one another’s core programs. Through this collaboration, RU provides studio visits and networking opportunities to the artists participating in AAI’s LES Studio Program, while AAI’s Cuchifritos Gallery + Project Space is given to RU for one month every summer for an exhibition of new work from their artists-in-residence.

In 2014 we are proud to expand this partnership by inviting RU’s international artists-in-residence to share the AAI studio space. We hope that this shared space will provide an informal collaborative working environment that will give artists from both organizations the chance to gain new insights into his or her work. RU artists occupying studios at AAI include: In 2013,  Avigail Talmor (Israel), and Bo Shook Yoon (South Korea); In 2014, Noilin O Kelly (Ireland), Franck Lesbros (France), Ta-Wei Huang (Taiwan), YinHua Chu (Taiwan), Lalie Douglas (Canada), Maria Lynch (Brazil), Rasmus Høj Mygind (Denmark), JAJA (Denmark), and Kristin McIver (Australia/USA), Katya Grokhovsky (NY); In 2015, Akiyasu Shimizu (Japan), Jeanette Lafontine (Norway/NY), Mei-Ling Liu (Taiwan), and HsiangLu Meng (Taiwan); in 2016, Kanako Hayashi (Japan), Phil America (USA), Ivan Gaete (USA), Ingrid Eggen (Norway), and Pouya Afshar (USA), Shurui Li (China), Diogo Pimentão (Portugal/UK), Leasho Johnson (Jamaica); and in 2017, Ai Makita (Japan), Tessa Mars (Haiti), Yun Han Chang (Taiwan), and Yoon Young Park (South Korea).

The AAI/RU partnership is a part of AAI’s Art (Inter)Actions program, which focuses on fostering collaborations with peer institutions and the community.
Learn more about Artists Alliance Inc.Cuchifritos Gallery + Project Space and the LES Studio Program.

Below are the previous exhibitions presented at Cuchifritos Gallery + Project Space:

Summer 2011
Feedback, a solo exhibition by Fred Forest (France)
Suspicious Activities, by Özlem Günyol & Mustafa Kunt (Germany/Turkey)

Summer 2012
Anton, a solo exhibition by Sonya Schonberger (Germany)

Summer 2013
Philip Emde Destroyed My Life, a solo exhibition by Philip Emde (Germany)

Summer 2014
Afterimage, featuring work by YinHua Chu (Taiwan) and Ta-Wei Huang (Taiwan)

Summer 2015
Being Here, featuring work by HsiangLu Meng (Taiwan) and Mei-Ling Liu (Taiwan)

Summer 2016
The Visible World is Merely an Isolated Case, featuring the recent paintings of Guillaume Bresson (France) and Ana Prata (Brazil).

Summer 2017
On Illusionsfeaturing the recent paintings of Japanese artists Naomi Okubo and Kuniyasu Sakaizawa.

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