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The Feet of The World in Action

Ana Biolchini, "The Feet of the World" (2024).

Saturday June 15, 2024 | 3-5pm (indoor)
Saturday June 22, 2024 | 11am-1pm (outside RU House)

Location: RU House at Colonels Row, Building #404B on Governors Island (map)

Details on how to get to Governors Island here 

As part of the art performance The Feet of The World in Action, Ana Biolchini will do a durational action in collaboration with the choreographer Mark Bankin and his company at the RU House on Governors Island. The process of generating movement vocabulary recreates the meditative and ritualistic processes through which Biolchini creates her artworks.

In this performance, Biolchini will guide Bankin into a new state of consciousness by psychically puppet-steering Mark’s movements.


Ana Biolchini is a Brazilian contemporary artist. Ana’s work encompasses photography, ceramic sculpture elements, installations inspired by the ideas of awareness, verticalization and rooting of the human being, while experimenting with other different mediums such as silkscreen, video performance, photo performance and actions.

Thread is another element that runs through Ana’s work and can make connections between the layers of the body, connections in time, in the art space, in memory awakening and ancestral correlations. She is also interested in Traditions, Hebrew letter symbolism, and archetype systems related to the collective unconscious dimensions.

“I seek through art the interaction with the audience’s experience, activating body, mind and spirit through the work”.

Click here to read Ana’s full bio.

Mark Bankin directs a repertory ensemble of movement notators that work with archives and dance diagrams to create rigorous formal structures of hyper-specific, highly-technical choreographies. His dance dramas concerned with death anxiety, memory loss, silence, and interiority propose a dramaturgy that resists the supremacy of speech. Together with the ensemble he resurrects extinct dances, archives endangered intangible cultural heritage, and teaches dance in psychiatric hospital.
Instagram: @mark.bankin

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