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Apr, 2016

Graciela Cassel, Kanako Hayashi, Mille Kalsmose in a group show “Sneak a Peak” curated by Lal Bahcecioglu

Sneak a Peek
a semi-open-air exhibition
along West 22nd Street, between 8th & 10th Avenues, New York City, USA

Opening Reception:
Thursday, April 14th, 8pm (in front of Chelsea Florist, northwest corner of 22nd and 8th Avenue)

On View:  
14-24 April, 2016
Thursdays - Sundays, 6-9pm

Sneak a Peek is a street exhibition that features video art works displayed on TVs inside apartments. These TVs are placed behind the windows facing West 22nd Street in New York City.

Curated by Lal Bahcecioglu, Sneak a Peek showcases a range of video-based work by artists Graciela Cassel, Lourdes Correa-Carlo, Ghost of a Dream, Sara Eliassen & Lilja Ingolfsdottir, Kanako Hayashi, and Mille Kalsmose.

What happens behind windows, closed doors and drawn curtains is always a great source of curiosity. Sneak a Peek sets free this desire and gives viewers the chance to stop and really look, without the fear of voyeurism.Sneak a Peek offers an innovative way of exhibiting video art and reaching a wider audience of people who may come upon the work by chance. By its very nature, this project turns the notion of exhibiting on its head, with passersby becoming viewers looking in, and residents within becoming the exhibitors rather than the observers.

Sneak a Peek will take place on 22nd Street between 8th and 10th Avenues, right next to the blue-chip gallery district of New York, and will be on view when the nearby galleries close their doors to public. The venues are the ground floor at 325, basement of 326, third floor of 333, first floor of 424 West 22nd Street, and the ground floor at 197 Ninth Avenue, in the windows of Chelsea Frames.


Graciela Cassel

Kanako Hayashi

Mille Kalsmose


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