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Flux Factory


In July 2009, Residency Unlimited began a collaborative partnership with Flux Factory to develop international art residency initiatives for the Queens based organization. Residency Unlimited secures the partnerships and funding from international governmental organizations and cultural agencies. Flux Factory provides the studio/living space and in-house facilities within an artists collective environment, which, combined with the ongoing customized support that Residency Unlimited brings to each resident, further enhances the residency experience.

In 2010, this joint program allowed the participation of RU/FF artists Santo Tolone (Italy), Kate Shaw (Australia), and Rebecca Ann Tess (Germany).

In 2011, RU/FF residents were Özlem Günyol and Mustafa Kunt (Turkey/Germany), MaudeLeonard-Contant (Canada) and Karol Radziszewki (Poland).

In 2012, RU/FF residents were Anastasios Logothetis (Sweden/Greece), Sonya Schonberger (Germany) and Harold Guerin (France)

In 2013, with Philip Emde (Germany) and Orsina Pasargiklan (Italy/UK).

In 2014, RU/FF residents here Tina Kolhmann (Germany), Rodrigo Imaz (Mexico)

In 2015, Antje Rieck (Germany), and Micha das Bach (Germany)




Daniel Horowitz – Hypnagogia at Joyce Yahouda Gallery

Alas! In This Prison Must I Stick?
Oil on linen
80x60 cm / 31,5 x 23,6 in

OPEN CALL – 3 months residencies for New York State based artists in 2016


Shlomit Dror moderating artists talk at Christian Duvernois Gallery

Left: Clytie Alexander: Black Loops 26, two reds, 2015. Right: Vicky Colombet, Dialogue #32, 2014

Yana Dimitrova in Threaded Archetypes, group show at NARS Foundation

Yana Dimitrova's "Portraits from Space (Varna).

RU Newsletter: February 2016