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Jan, 2013

RU and Pedro Motta in Red Report

ART ON THE ROAD: Houses Turned into Studios

by Deborah Rocha Moraes | Red Report (TAM Airlines Inflight Magazine), Oct.-Nov., 2012

Increasingly more popular, artist residencies offer collective spaces that serve as a meeting place for education, cultural exchanges and production for creators of various backgrounds and fields – from design to dance to cyber art and cinema. The movement gained momentum in the 1960s with Factory, the studio and home of American pop artist Andy Warhol in New York. Websites like Residency Unlimited ( and Res Artis ( are specialized in guiding the search for residencies around the world. "In three years, we promoted the houses of 42 artists in 23 countries," says Nathalie Anglès, founder/director of RU, whose hub is based in New York. Among them was Brazilian Pedro Motta who, in 2011, produced a photo series with a helium balloons on the roofs of the buildings he visited


The full article, with reviews of other residencies worldwide, can be viewed here.


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