Residency Unlimited


2019 | NYC | Artist

Vedran Kopljar

ISP (well, somebody’s happy) 2018, oil on wood & canvas, 300cm x 228cm
Artist Name: Vedran Kopljar
Residency Dates: August - November
Born: 1991
Hometown: Slavonski Brod
Lives & Works: Belgium

Education: 2015, MFA in Fine Arts at Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp

Bio / Statement:

Vedran Kopljar’s artistic practice aims to construct mental, visual and physical obstructions, in an attempt to shape new spaces and possibilities of communication. The universes he creates are spheres where feelings, ideas or concepts such as ‘minority’ or ‘inner space’ can take form in paintings, physical installations or verbal performances.


The communication between spectator (an ‘I’ object) and object of art are a key incentive to Kopljar’s practice. This can result in didactic artworks that communicate on a poetic level, as well as objects and installations that deal with the difficulties of representing an experience. Since only the illusion of experience can be represented, and not the experience itself, the yearning for the experience becomes the next best thing it can portray. Moreover, he explores this communication by investigating the possibility of a reciprocal relationship with objects of art as equals. A multitude of influences, such as the private world of adult thumb suckers, hentai imagery, the plank works of John McCracken and the visual language of scientific illustrations help shape these concepts.


Language flows through his work in both word and image, observing how communication often takes place through miscommunication. As such, his work not only deals with the limits of language but also with new possibilities in communicating, before language. In his practice, he continues to explore the ways in which feeling and experience generate value and meaning, in and out of art.


Selected Solo Exhibitions: 2018 ‘Casa MINDERHEID 3 (keuze van G. Bijl)’, Kunsthal Extra City, Antwerp ‘Thumbsucker’s Delight’, Trampoline Gallery, Antwerp; 2017 ‘Polyvalente zaal’, N.I.C.C., Antwerp; 2016 ‘A-Amigos’, Tique Art Space, Antwerp; 2015 ‘Trials & Tribulations’, Stadslimiet, Antwerp

Selected Group Exhibitions: 2019 ‘20 jaar S.M.A.K. : De Inleiding (3)’, S.M.A.K., Ghent ‘NACHBARBESUCH’,TYSON, Cologne ‘Salon de Peinture’, M HKA, Antwerp; 2018 ‘Night Shift’,Beursschouwburg, Brussel; 2016 ‘NowBelgiumNow’,LLS 387, Antwerp ‘Prijs vrienden v/h S.M.A.K. (Coming People)’, S.M.A.K.,Ghent

Winner of the STRT Schot prize, Studio Start, Antwerp

Select Permanent Collections: Middelheim Museum

Support: Vedran Kopljar's residency is made possible with support from the Government of Flanders