Residency Unlimited


2024 | NYC | Artist

Tharini Sankarasubramanian

Tharini Sankarasubramanian, "Union", 2023, Acrylic on Khadi paper, Photo Credit: Courtesy of the artist

Artist Name: Tharini Sankarasubramanian
Residency Dates: February - April 2024
Born: 1991
Hometown: Chennai, India
Lives & Works: Chennai & Delhi, India
Education: 2016 - 2019 | MFA in Graphic Design and Visual Experience, Savannah College of Art and Design


Tharini Sankarasubramanian is an artist and designer whose interdisciplinary practice combines various mediums such as textiles, drawing, painting, text, digital media, and conceptual art. Her relationship to art is based in ritual. Tharini's direct perceptions, visions, and dreams dictate the themes she explores which include identity, emotional and psychological states, sexuality, spirituality, and the intersection of traditional and contemporary practices. ‘Weaving’ is a key influence, both metaphorically and technically, as it intertwines throughout her work. The artist is greatly inspired by the philosophy of Tantra—as one of the interpretations of the Sanskrit word tantra is to weave.

Tharini often works with colors, symbols, iconography and mathematics to express herself, and much of her work is abstract as it is the most eloquent language through which the artist is able to convey the intangible and mysterious aspects of her perceptions. It is the language that illuminates the divine. She seeks to commune with the divine everyday in ritual through prayer and art, and this is the essence that she seeks to evoke through her work.

The interview, “Summoning Unity: A Conversation with Tharini Sankarasubramanian”, was published by Apotheosis Art in 2023.