Residency Unlimited

Søren Engsted

On Sculpture, 2011; Untitled, 2011

Artist name: Søren Engsted
Dates of residency: May – July
Born: 1974
Hometown: Ringsted, Denmark
Lives and works: Copenhagen
Education: MFA, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, Austria, 2011

“Søren Engsted arranges space in a very concise manner. By letting the volumes and objects, meanings and voids oscillate aggressively, perception and habits are undermined. Seductive and uncomfortable at the same time, his practice confronts spectators with an unexpected, inescapable immediacy. Negative behavioral commands provoke refusal as a form of participation. These are idiosyncratic fields of spatially manifested obstinacy.” – Peter Pakesch

To question sculpture is an important starting point in Engsted’s practice. He uses humour as an element among many others. In his work process, he likes to gather objects and materials in the studio, or in other surroundings where he works and to combine them in a kind of intuitive play. In other words, space must be – in a metaphoric and literal sense – experienced.

Søren Engsted has shown his work in exhibitions across Europe with solo exhibitions in Kunsthaus Graz, (AT) 2010, Gallerie Mezzanine, Vienna (AT) 2008 and groups exhibitions in: Hotel Charleroi (BE) 2013, Gallerie Andreas Huber, Vienna (AT) 2012, Kunsthalle Wien (AT) 2013

Wien Museum, Vienna (AT)

SUPPORT: Søren Engsted’s residency is made possible with funds from the Danish Arts Foundation


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