Residency Unlimited

Orsina Pasargiklian

Born in Milan (Italy) (1987) and currently based in London (UK), Orsina Pasargiklian graduated in 2012 with a BA in Fine Art at Middlesex University. She is presently working at SOTA Art Club, co-directing art workshops for children and seniors. With painting as her main medium, Pasargiklian’s works are an attempt to explore urban space and the phenomenon of globalization. She is particularly interested in representations of urbanization and the coming together of different cultures within cities. The iconography she employs embeds images of graphs and statistics of urban growth with a wide range of city maps, resulting in an aesthetic harmonic and delicate and that jars with the cold images of graphs.

Orsina Pasargiklian’s 3 months residency (October 2013-January 2014) is supported by a private collector.

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