Residency Unlimited

Nora Silva

Artist: Nora Silva
Dates of residency: 3 months
Born: 1988
Hometown: Madrid
Lives and works: Mexico City
Education: BFA on Philosophy, National Spanish Distance University. (On going), Professional Culinary Diploma, Westminster Kingsway College. 2012 BA (HONS) Fine Arts. Wimbledon College of Arts, UAL, London. 2011 Licenciada en Bellas Artes, Complutense University, Madrid. 2009

Nora Silva is a Spanish/Chilean artist interested on the perception of space, nationality or identity. She is also fascinated with the possibilities of collaborative practices, hence the foundation of the project MilesKm through which they research on the subject. After finishing her degree on Fine Arts, Nora Silva decided to take a step back and dedicate herself to a completely different thing to gain a wider perspective. That’s how she decided to go to culinary school and then embarked herself in a trip around the American continent on an adventure research on anthropology through food on her project “Travel Around the Hob”. It was when she got to Mexico that she felt the need to go back to the arts, but this time from a more critical point of view. She currently writes for a Mexican art magazine and her practice revolves about how to address social issues and contemporary problems through creativity or through metaphorical pieces, which she believes are indeed very powerful communication tools and potential agents of change.

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