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Nina Komel


Artist name: Nina Komel
Dates of residency:  Aug-Sept
Hometown:Brod, RS, BiH (Brod, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Lives and works:
Brod (BiH)-Novi Sad(Serbia)
Academy of Fine Art, Banja Luka, RS, BiH,Painting, 2010; Academy of Fine Art, Novi Sad, Srbia, 2012


Nina Komel is a conceptual artist whose work is based on documenting and emphasizing the absurd state of everyday interactions and value systems in Bosnia and Herzegovina that occupy both personal and public experience. Focusing on the state of isolation Komel works in a range of media, from text to immersive interactive installations using visual and non-visual language. Using transformation through irony she recognizes the accumulation of contradictions in a current state of the culture and the pressure it imposes on the artist and the citizen. She lives in Brod, RS, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Since 2013 I have been a permanent member of the aquarellist colony “Sava”.

Nina Komel is  Young Visual Artists Award (YVAA) recipient of the 2016 Zvono Award organized by the Sarajevo Center for Contemporary Art (SCCA), an award for young artists from Bosnia and Herzegovina up to 35 years of age.

Solo exhibitions include: 2013: Realan prostor i vizuelni jezik (Real Space and Visual Language), Gallery for the Young “Macut”, Novi Sad. 2008: Kafa i cigarete (Coffee and cigarettes), Primary School “Boško Buha, Brod. Group exhibitions: 2015: Nova runda kulturnog dijaloga (A New Round of Cultural Dialogue), Cultural and educational community, Odž aci. 2014: Project retrospective Differencies, Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina, Novi Sad. 2013-2015: Aquarellist Colony “Sava”, City Gallery, Brod. 2013: Differences, Project at SKC (Student Cultural Center), Belgrade. 2012-2014: Banja Luka Art Fest, Social and cultural centre Incel, Banja Luka. 2010-2013: Miniature exhibition Min-Max, Banski dvori, Banja Luka. 2008: Slobodan um (Free Mind), performance, Museum of Contemporary Art, Banja Luka. 2006-2009: The Academy of Fine Arts Exhibition, The Academy of Fine Arts, Banja Luka.

Support: Nina Komel’s 2-month residency is made possible with funds from The Trust for Mutual Understanding.


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