Residency Unlimited


2017 | NYC | Artist

Niko Mihaljević

Artist Name: Niko Mihaljević
Residency Dates: February - March
Born: 1985
Hometown: Split, Croatia
Lives & Works: Zagreb, Croatia

Mihaljević has exhibited his work in international institutions such as Institute for Contemporary Art, Zagreb; Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb; MOMA PS1, New York; MOCA, Los Angeles; De Ateliers, Amsterdam; Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Rijeka, Croatia, etc. He founded the recorded sound initiative Alluvial Gold. Currently works as a freelance graphic designer and a teaching assistant at the Media Design department of University North in Croatia.

Education: MFA, University of Arts - Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade, 2010; Masters degree in visual communications in Zagreb (CRO); 2nd MFA Werkplaats Typografie in Arnhem (NL) , 2013.

Bio / Statement:

Winner of the prestigious Croatian national award Radoslav Putar 2016, the artist and graphic designer Niko Mihaljević explores the metaphysical aspects of mundane rituals and leisure time in a variety of media with an emphasis on conceptual sound composition, installations, performance, text, and artist books. His role is that of a subjective documentarist, a field sound recordist, a meticulous transcriber of banalities, a self-involved present-day archeologist and, subsequently, a multimedia mythographer. In his practice, Mihaljević attempts to bridge the divide between the banal and the transcendental, transforming ordinary social situations into performative acts such as: setting up a public sound performance of crossword solving by using a heavily amplified pencil; deconstructing the act of listening to recorded popular music by attempting to interact with John Lennon in an ad hoc spiritual séance setting; organizing a series of weekly one-hour urban ethnographic expeditions to local fast food shops which were recorded and then painstakingly transcribed and scored on a church organ; organizing and documenting a five-hour circumnavigation (round trip) of a small island in the Adriatic to parallel the grandiose endeavours of antiquity; composing a piece of serious music based on tape recordings from an intoxicated reggae themed house party, etc.

Support: Niko Mihaljević's residency is made possible with support from The Trust for Mutual Understanding.