Residency Unlimited

Micha Das Bach

2016 photo work part of the sequence New skin 4 on old ritual at Seahors+FlighingFish, Group exhibition at Arp-Museum, Bahnhof Rolandseck, Feb 2016

Artist name: Micha Das Bach
Dates of residency: May – October
Hometown: Germany
Lives and works: Cologne / exPanded Artfields as an Ethnologist
Education: 1982, Studium der Freien Kunst, FHS, Cologne; 1984, Environmental Media, Royal College of Arts, London; 2006, Humboldt + Freie Universitat, Berlin Ethnology, Culutural Science, Film-Theater Science; 2007 guest artist at Tsungua University, Department of Ceramics, Prof. Li, Weihai Porcelain Manufactory.

my art_ is a passage through every wall ETE UWU // it intertwines different root Ethnology To feel as human beings we have to know + understand our cultural determination + Art to express emotional + interlacual thinking in the plurality of languages. In our global world we have the chance despite the discrepancy between cultural determinate master narratives + our lived experiences, to open an opportunity for expressing, communicating, transforing >> for happiness as I believe that this is the way for democracy

SUPPORT: Micha Das Bach’s residency is supported by Schloss Balmoral, Stiftung Rheinland-Pfalz, Ministeriumm für Kultur (Germany)

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