Residency Unlimited


2017 | NYC | Artist

Mark Požlep

Stranger Than Paradise 2016, Lecture performance, duration 58 min
Artist Name: Mark Požlep
Residency Dates: April - May
Born: 1981
Hometown: Celje, Slovenia
Lives & Works: Ghent, Belgium and Celje, Slovenia

RECENT SOLO EXHIBITIONS (Selection) Artist club, Palais de Tokio, (FR), 2016 Island, BRDG, Antwerpen, (BE), 2016 Stranger Than Paradise, Lecture Performance, Theatre Glej, Ljubljana, (SLO), 2016 Promised Lands, Škuc Gallery, Ljubljana, (SLO), 2015 Stranger Than Paradise, Center for Contemporary Arts Celje, Celje, (SLO), 2014 Homelands, Israeli Center for Digital Art, Israel, 2014 Just Before The Explosion, Gallery Miklova Hiša, Ribnica, (SLO), RECENT GROUP EXHIBITIONS (Selection) Cold from the Balkans, Pera Museum, Istanbul, Turkey, 2016 Multimeridijan 16, Svjedoci - tijela u dijalogu i procesi refleksije, Hdlu Istre, Pula, (HR), 2016 Art matters, but art is not enough, Gallery of Contemporary art Celje, (SLO), 2016 Psst There is Still Space in Outer Space! Pavel Haus/Pavlova hiša, Austria, 2016 Oho Award, UGM, Maribor, (SLO), 2016 Crises and new Beginings, Art in Slovenia 2005-2015, MSUM, Ljubljana, (SLO), 2015 Everything and Nothing, Škuc Gallery, Ljubljana, (SLO), 2014 U mojoj zemlji palme rastu / My Land Has Palm Trees, SIZ Gallery, Rijeka, (HR), 2014 Made in Us, Gallery Vžigalica, Ljubljana, (SLO), GRANTS & AWARDS (Selection) Oho award, 2016 Israeli Center for Digital Art, Artist in Residence, Holon; 2014 Minstry of Culture- Republic of Slovenia, Artistic research grant, 2012 Ministry of Culture – Republic of Slovenia, Artist in Residence program in New York (USA); 2007 Essl Award for Central and East Europe, Special Invitation for Slovenia (Sammlung Essl Privatstiftung, Klosterneuburg/ Vienna, Austria); 2006 Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris, Artist-in-Residence, Paris;, 2006 Essl Award for Central and East Europe, Second Prize for Slovenia, (Sammlung Essl Privatstiftung, Klosterneuburg/ Vienna, Austria).

For a detailed CV please check here.

Education: 2012 – 2014, Advanced Master in transmedia, Sint Lukas, Brussels 2006 – 2009, Master’s degree studies in Fine Arts, University of Ljubljana, Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Department of Video (head Professor Sreco Dragan) 2001 – 2006, Bachelor’s degree studies in Fine Arts, University of Ljubljana, Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Department of Painting (head Professor Herman Gvardjancic) 2000 – 2001, Art House / College for Visual Arts, Ljubljana

Bio / Statement:

"How do we cope with reality in which every effort to think outside the prevalent socio-political paradigm, offered as best of all possible worlds, is disqualified as mere childish reverie? Where is the boundary between the attempts to leave the confines of the everyday and illusory utopia? In order to explore this boundary, Mark Požlep sets off on a journey, which acts both as a thematic and formal element: not only are his works literally constructed as travel journals, but they are intense processual explorations, based on long-term examination of his own artistic position. Like an anti-hero of the Beat Generation, Požlep responds to the existential social crisis with his artistic expeditions, which are not driven by an escapist reflex, but rather by a need to critically enunciate his opposition to the status quo." (Excerpt from Vladimir Vidmar's  Promised Lands Exhibition text.)

Mark Požlep was honored with the 2016 OHO Award for his The Stranger Than Paradise video project that is based on a seven-day concert tour in six countries of the former Yugoslavia.  The OHO prize is given out annually to artists younger than 35 by the Ljubljana-based P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E. Institute.

Select Permanent Collections: Riko collection, Essl museum, Klosterneuburg, Austria Celje Gallery of Contemporary Art Gallery, Slovenia

Support: Mark Požlep's residency is made possible with support from The Trust for Mutual Understanding .