Residency Unlimited

Kristy Hughes

2016, Latex Paint, Spray Paint, Monotype, Collage, Décollage, Colored Pencil on Panel, 52cmx57cm

My work is a nod to the human experience of simultaneously knowing and not knowing. My intention is to represent the elusive grey area of experiences that are often neglected by a simplistic reliance on false dichotomies. Experiences are neither singular nor binary. Instead, they are shifting, multi-faceted, and continuous. My work is about being honest and about paying attention. It seeks to represent the excluded middle.

I work primarily with scrap wood, found trash, plastics, and papers that surround my everyday environment. Combining these materials with paint, collage, and fumage, I make paintings on panel and relief sculptures on wood and cardboard. Through the painting process I add and take away the layers of collage and paint, using a sander and meticulously peeling small pieces of paper by hand. This process results in piles of debris, which I then organize and compose into sculptures.

The process and materials are a give and take. Using trash and seemingly unimportant materials, I create objects whose layered parts become something greater than they seem, yet still remain true to themselves.

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