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Kejoo Park

Kejoo Park, "Drinking Song of the Sorrow of the Earth", 2021, Mixed Media.

Artist Name: Kejoo Park
Residency Dates: February – April 2024
Hometown: Seoul, Korea
Lives & Works: Frankfurt, Germany
URL: | Instagram: @kejoopark | Facebook: Kejoo Park
Gallery: Galerie Anna 25 | Galerie Reitz | Galerie Rieder | Galerie Tuttiart | Galerie Uhn 
1984 | MLA in Landscape Architecture Harvard University, New York, USA
1980 | BFA in Painting, Pratt Institute, Cornell University, Cambridge, USA


We can distinguish the external from the internal nature of man. At the same time, we confront and reflect on the outside world with our own inner world. Our consciousness and our truth are constantly being questioned and redefined. This is often associated with doubt and pain. But the duality of external demands and internal freedom, of external limitations and internal movement ultimately merge into a unity. We need the polarity of restlessness and loneliness in our own universe to go within and find ourselves. After the loud day comes the silent night, the hours of loneliness. Therein lies the ambiguity of life. In my paintings I try to express the process of confrontation and integration of opposites. My paintings don’t tell stories, they depict emotions. They are more poetry than prose. -Kejoo Park

Kejoo Park is a Korean-American artist, landscape artist and architect. In her works, Park focuses on the duality of the internal and external worlds and her paintings, objects and installations manifest the alienation between man and nature; they address external nature, which is revealed in what man did not create himself. However, its potential and uniqueness lie in its creative ideas and actions, which develop through the influence of external structures and the engagement with culture and society.

Through her subtle painting style, Kejoo Park addresses the joy of life and transience as well as illusion and reality, which ultimately unites their immanent, subjective moment in harmony and succeeds in uniting opposites in expressive, complex compositions. With her universally oriented mentality, influenced by Taoist and Confucian philosophy, Park creates expressive painting cycles that trace universal connections and build bridges between Orient and Occident as well as between poetry, music, and visual art.

Park has won various prizes in architecture and landscape architecture and taught in several universities including Harvard University summer school, Yunsei University, Korea, and Technical University of Stuttgart, Germany. She had numerous exhibitions in Switzerland and Germany including Ludwig Museum Koblenz, Germany.


Support: Kejoo Park’s residency is made possible with support from artlinks and private collectors.

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