Residency Unlimited


2018 | NYC | Curator

Joana P. R. Neves

Etienne-Jules Marey. Smoke Photograph (1899-1901), curved inclined surface, print on original paper, 8,8 x 5,2 cm, Noguès fund, n. 51/31
Curator Name: Joana P. R. Neves
Residency Dates: February 12-28
Born: 1976
Hometown: Lisbon, Portugal
Lives & Works: London, UK
URL: https://theindexicalline.wordpress.comwww.joanaprneves.com

Education: MA. Philosophy Nanterre University MA. Curatorial Studies Fine Art University of Lisbon Since 2015/16 - PhD candidate in Art History at Kingston School of Arts, Kingston University, London Working Title: Following the indexical line: a dialogic study of 1960s abstract art through the scientific imagery of the photographic innovator Etienne-Jules Marey (1830-1904)

Bio / Statement:

Joana P. R. Neves is a London-based writer and independent curator. She is International Artistic Director of Drawing Now Art Fair, Paris, and is currently doing research in Art History at Kingston University. She has worked as a director in prominent commercial galleries (Galerie Chantal Crousel (2003-05), schleicher+lange (2007-09) in Paris and Marlborough Contemporary (2012-13) in London. She has curated several group shows in the Parisian area, amongst which Morel’s Island at CPIF and, more recently The Lynx Knows no Boundaries at the Ricard Foundation in 2015. She also organised solo shows for artists such as Gyan Panchal (2006), Evariste Richer (2007) Reto Pulfer (co-curated with Roven Platform) and Catarina Dias (both in 2015). She is co-founder of the curatorial group Roven Platform with Johana Carrier, Marine Pagès and Diogo Pimentão for which she has co-curated thematic and choreographed soirées and group exhibitions around the medium of drawing. She regularly writes articles for Roven magazine and has written for magazines (Frieze, 02, Le Quotidien de l’Art…) and group or monographic catalogues. Her PhD research focuses on drawing, its machines and its language: “A dialogic study of Etienne-Jules Marey’s graphic and photographic images in relation to contemporary uses of the line and the trace in abstract and conceptual art.

Support: Joana P. R. Neves's residency is made possible with support from TECHNE.