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Jaroslaw Kozakiewicz

Jaroslaw Kozakiewicz, "Habitat", sculpture, Zachęta National Gallery of Art, Warsaw, 2017

Jaroslaw Kozakiewicz is a visual artist working at the intersection of sculpture, science, and architecture. Moving between mediums and fields of creating, Kozakiewicz always chooses the media which seems to be the most appropriate for the idea. Whether it is architecture, sculpture, installation, landscaping or film – at the root of the project’s conception is always the idea of mutual relations between man and nature, other people and technology. 

To date, Kozakiewicz’s international reputation lies in his utopian and critical architectural and land-art projects which usually take the idea of place as a point of departure. Kozakiewicz sees each place as a living organism and has its unique nature and requires special treatment. For him, there is an obvious relationship between the human organism, in all its complexity, and architecture. Sculpture, architecture, the urban tissue, man and other living organisms should be connected into a cohesive system able to live and develop freely. He is deeply interested in the original qualities of the place with which he can create a  dialogue.

In 2005 Kozakiewicz’s design won the international competition for the Park of Reconciliation near the Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum. And in 2007 Kozakiewicz’s Mars Project, a massive redesign of the landscape of a former lignite-mining area near Lake Baerwalde in Germany, was completed. Other works – such as his film series ‚The Nature of/for Living’ (2007) and ‘R/Evolution’ (2011) – explore future patterns of life in an age of accelerated evolution.  He represented Poland at the 11. Biennale of Architecture in Venice.

Support:  Jaroslaw Kozakiewicz’s residency is made possible with support from the Polish Cultural Institute of New York , Beach64Retreat in the Rockaways and the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.


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