Residency Unlimited


2010 | NYC | Special Features

Jackie Raynal


Artist name: Jackie Raynal
Dates of residency: 2010
Hometown: Montpellier
Lives and works: New York and Paris

Jackie Rayna studied at the Sorbonne, was an apprentice in film editing at Genevilliers Lab in Paris which led her to become an assistant editor in various films, including Renoir’s “The Elusive Corporal”. After receiving accreditation as a Chief Editor from the Centre National de la Cinématographie, she edited major productions , such as Eric Rohmer’s “La Boulangère de Monceau”, “La Carrière de Suzanne”, “Nadja à Paris” , “La Collectionneuse,” and the Nouvelle Vague film in sketches “Six in Paris (Paris vu par…). In 1965, Ms Raynal made her directorial debut in 1965. Her film “Deux Fois” won the Grand Jury Prize at the Toulon Film Festival (1969) and the Grand Prize at the Hyères Festival (1972). Her film “New York Story” received the Grand Prize (Golden Boomerang) at the Melbourne Film Festival (1981). In New York, she was film curator at the now legendary Bleecker Street Cinema and Carnegie Hall Cinema.

During her Special Features residency at RU, Raynal filmed “How to fold a green screen”


Jackie Raynal - "How to fold a green screen"

Special Features 2010