Residency Unlimited


2023 | NYC | Artist

Gabriele Grones

Gabriele Grones, "Poiesis", 2020, oil on canvas, 60x90 cm, courtesy Boccanera Gallery, Trento/Milan.

Artist Name: Gabriele Grones
Residency Dates: February - July 2023
Born: 1983
Hometown: Arabba, Italy
Lives & Works: Brooklyn, New York
URL: | Instagram: @gabrielegrones
Gallery: Boccanera Gallery | Galerie MZ | SARAHCROWN
2009 | MFA in painting, Academy of Fine Arts, Venice, Italy
2006 | BFA in painting, Academy of Fine Arts, Venice, Italy


Gabriele Grones is a painter and visual artist whose artistic research is focused on the relationship that we establish with reality through the dialogue with the expressive codes of art history. His series of paintings in oil on canvas are mainly centered around specific subjects, such as natural details, figures or compositions. The details of plants and grass are carefully investigated from a close point of view, giving shape to every feature that evokes the complexity of reality. The portrait series are based on classical iconological references and often depict the same subjects in slightly different poses and light conditions in an obsessive representation mirroring the atmospheres of the early Flemish portraiture and metaphysical painting. For certain projects, Grones creates installations of his own works where the relationships between the different paintings propose unexpected connections capable of establishing a dialogue among apparently unrelated elements. This operation generates different meanings that calls to mind a symbolic analysis of our experience.

Grones took part in two editions of the Venice Biennale: Atelier Aperti in 2005 and 'Lo Stato dell’Arte' – Art Academies Pavilion in 2011. Recent solo exhibitions in 2022 include Gabriele Grones. Conversazioni at the Ca' Pesaro International Gallery of Modern Art and Boccanera Gallery. Other venues that Grones has exhibited include: National Portrait Gallery (London); Royal Society of Painters (London); MEAM Museum (Barcelona); MART Museum (Rovereto); Palazzo Fulcis Museum (Belluno, Italy); Fort Wayne Museum (IN, USA); Museum of Arts (Cluj, Romania), National Museum of Fine Arts (Valletta, Malta); Volkskunstmuseum (Innsbruck).

Grones was selected for the BP Portrait Award at the National Portrait Gallery, London (2008), and is also the winner of the Level 0 Prize from Ca' Pesaro, Museum of Modern Art in Venice at Art Verona (2020). In 2016 he was selected for an artist residency at ESKFF Foundation at MANA Contemporary, Jersey City, USA.