Residency Unlimited

Filipe Cortez

Artist: Filipe Cortez
Dates of residency: Feb – July
Born: 1986
Hometown: Oporto, Portugal
Lives and works: Oporto, Portugal
Education: Master’s Degree at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Porto, 2012. First Degree at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Porto, 2008

Filipe Cortez’ multidisciplinary practice (site specific interventions involving performance, painting, drawing, sculpture and installation) examines memory, time and decay. The Portuguese artist investigates physical decay relating to the human body and architecture and the connections between both through in-situ performances in the series of works such as “Contamination” (contaminated wall representations), “Skin Series (where the residues of the architectural structure are ripped from their original structure with latex membranes) or“Fossils” . Through an intensive examination conducted with microscopic intention, Cortez succeeds in extracting an aesthetic of beauty from degradation, decomposition and physical disease through phenomema such as age marks , cracks, mold or humidity. As the human body ages, so do the spaces that it inhabits as evidenced by multifold manifestations of the passing of time.

Filipe Cortez has shown his work in several collective exhibitions mainly in Portugal and most recently at the Peach Gallery, Toronto, Canada.

GALLERY: WeArt – Agência de Arte (Aveiro, Portugal)

SELECT PERMANENT COLLECTION: Rotary Club Portugal, Coimbra, Portugal

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