Residency Unlimited

Emma Adler

Emma Adler’s practice revolves around concepts of authenticity and multifaceted representations of Doppelgänger-ism or doublings in general. In her multimedia site specific installations she incorporates performative elements to explore merging of identities and realities, dualities between real and artificial, original and copy, reality and virtuality. Her works unfold broad-based scenarios. Stories develop, intertwine and interlock their patterns; they play with the idea of the undefinable. What is art, what is fake? Does an artistic context ennoble mock-ups and will an object of art be recognized in every-day life? Those resulting misunderstandings, ambiguities and irritations are Emma Adler’s greatest challenges and impetus for her artistic work. Only in the assumably safe or unexpected disturbances those confusions come into being, which can be considered the basis of her artistic assemblages.

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