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Deni Lantz

Deni Lantz, "untitled", 2024, oil on linen, photo credit: João Liberato

Artist Name: Deni Lantz
Residency Dates: May – June 2024
Born: 1993
Hometown: São Paulo, Brazil
Lives & Works: São Paulo, Brazil
Gallery: Galeria Estação
Education: Graduated in Visual Arts from Unicamp, the State University of Campinas


Deni Lantz, both a painter and a musician, engages in public performances of samba and percussion. Additionally, he is a citizen with a broad interest in gardening, agriculture, and forestry. While his art involves direct observation of landscapes, the evocation of memories, and the representation of interiors and quasi-still lifes, the core of his painting transcends narrative to become abstract—a concept and practice rather than a linear theme.

In navigating various environments, Lantz’s approach to painting can be seen as a profound reflection interrupted by external influences, yet this external disorder is softened by the depth of contemplation. For him, painting represents an indeterminate spiritual narrative, enriched with layers of affection and meaning.

The uniqueness of his work reflects his ability to transition between the tangible world of direct and overwhelming experiences and a profound immersion in the silent materiality of colors. Engaging in solitary handling of mediums, obsessive gestures, and repetitive processes, Lantz sees abstract painting as going beyond a clear-cut relationship between signifier and signified, drawing parallels with the language of music.

At the core of his artistic practice, monochrome takes center stage, aligning with the language of contemporary art. Lantz, diverging from the pursuit of purity akin to masters like Rothko or the industrial cynicism of Warhol, constructs dense surfaces through layered gestures, pentimenti, erasures, and nuances. In some works, he brings painting into play as both object and image, emphasizing its gestalt akin to the minimalists.

In 2020, Lantz further refined his skills by studying painting with artist Paulo Pasta. This commitment to artistic development is evident in his solo exhibition, Deni Lantz: Pinturas at Galeria Estação, São Paulo (2022). Lantz has also participated in several group exhibitions, including: Let the World Come ‘Round at Teffia, Kingston, NY (2022) and Menos at Casa de Tijolo in São Paulo (2014). His notable residencies include the 2016 artistic residency and exhibition Barrer todo con Agua in Havana, Cuba. Lantz has also exhibited at venus such as Gaia – Unicamp, Casa de Tijolo, and Casa da Xiclet Galeria in São Paulo. His involvement in the arts community is underscored by participation in events like the “V Salão Rio Doce” (2009) and the “6ª MERCOSECA – 2ª edição” (2007) at Casa da Xiclet Galeria. Deni Lantz’s artistic journey is defined by a continuous exploration of various mediums, showcasing a steadfast commitment to artistic growth and expression.


Support: Deni Lantz’s residency is made possible by support from Galeria Estação.

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