Residency Unlimited

Daniela Antonelli

Daniela Antonelli lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil. In her process oriented work, she continously revisits the notion of “craft” and investigates art as a cultural manifestation. Antonelli’s works essentially consist of intricate drawings made up of dots and lines as well as objects elaborated with primary materials such as stones, wood, seeds, shells and leather. With a singular approach to drawing and sculpture, she seeks what is durable through the combination of natural with artificial elements,  and also connects different universes through a mental and a manual process.

Selected group exhibitions: ” First Londrina Art Salon”, Londrina art Gallery, Paraná, Brazil (2012); “Drawing in the expanded field”, Sergio Porto, Rio de Janeiro (2011); “From the Place”, Multiplo Gallery, Rio de Janeiro (2011); “Abre – Alas”, A Gentil Carioca Gallery, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2011); “10 Visual Arts Salon of Guarulhos”, Guarulhos art Center, São Paulo, Brazil (2010); “The newest”, Ibeu Art Gallery, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2010).

Solo exhibitions: “On the process”, Oscar Cruz Gallery, São Paulo, Brazil (2011); “Symbols”, Castelinho 38, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2009)

Daniela Antonielli’s 2 months residency (March-APril 2013) is supported by the Programa de Intercâmbio e Difusão Cultural, Secretaria de Fomento e Incentivo à Cultura do Brazil. as well as a private collector from Brazil.

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