Residency Unlimited

Claudio Zecchi

Curator: Claudio Zecchi
Dates of residency: Feb –  May
Born: 1978
Hometown: Sabaudia (LT) Italy
Lives and works: Rome, Italy
Education: BA Contemporary Art  History,  Faculty of Conservation and Cultural Heritage of Tuscia University, Viterbo (Italy) (2003); MA, Faculty of Architecture of Valle Giulia in collaboration with the Macro Museum in Rome in “Management for curators of Museums of Contemporary Art and Architecture”, Università La Sapienza, Rome

Claudio Zecchi is an independent curator whose field of research and approach is a practice aimed at investigating new visions and reading of the urban and social space as well as the role and the responsibility that artists, curators, institutions and the public have in the contemporary society at large.
From 2006 until 2013, Zecchi was co-curator of  Cantieri d’Arte Public Art Project, a platform for new visions and readings of urban space and society out of which emerged several workshops and editorial projects among which:

(Workshop) “Mapping the future,” Milan (2012), “La Ville Ouverte,” Viterbo/Genova (2011 – 2012); “La Forma” editorial workshop, Thessaloniki/Rome, collateral events of  “BJCEM – Symbiosis?” (2011); “La  forma della città,”  Viterbo (2011); (Publications) “Pratiche di attivismo nel panorama dell’Euro-Mediterraneo. Il ruolo del curatore, dell’artista e del pubblico” (2014); C.Zecchi – M.Trulli, “New strategies of activism in the public space. A ipothesis.” (2013); C.Zecchi – M.Trulli, “BUTOBA MT5_registrare il rimosso” (2011); “Drawing a new memory” (2010); “Visioni Urbane Contemporanee,” Viterbo (2008-2009);  “La città dei biSogni”, Viterbo (2007-2008);  “Ridisegnare i Luoghi Comuni,” Viterbo (2006).

Since 2008, Zecchi has also provided curatorial and editorial input to the gallery De Crescenzo & Viesti Gallery (Rome). A regular contributor to Arte e Critica, Zecchi is curator of: “Practices as an Intersection in a Fragile Environment”, Milan (IT) (2014) and co-curator of: 2013, “Errors Allowed, 16th Mediteranean young art Biennial,” Ancona (IT);  2012, “Disorder,”  BJCEM project for World Event Young Artists in Nottingham, (UK); 2011-2012, “La Ville Ouverte” (a residency program focused on different aspects of the relationship between art and public space in the Mediterranean area, questioning the nature of the urban space and the role that art can play activating different forms of partecipation of citizens),  Casablanca, Viterbo and Genova (MA/IT); 2011 “La Forma della città, Viterbo” (IT)2008-2009 “Visioni Urbane Contemporanee”, Viterbo (IT)

SUPPORT: Claudio Zecchi’s 5 months curatorial residency is made possible by BCC Credito Cooperativo and an anonymous funder.


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