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Beatrice Scaccia

Beatrice Scaccia is an italian artist who now lives and works in NYC.

She works on duration, that is that dilatation of time composed of rhythmic scansions, waits and restarts. Her narrative urge and her need to express herself with figurative painting both originate from a strong communicative instinct that translates into drawings and animation, reminiscent of a certain Renaissance tradition that focuses its artistic study on drawing and the human figure. Indeed key aspects of her works are repetition, interrupted narration and main characters. We could consider her characters kind of drawn performers.

Beatrice’s work has been featured in Europe and USA. Most recent exhibitions include: “DiviNA Commedia”, Museum Arcos, Benevento; “Fino alla fine del mondo” , 41artecontemporanea, Turin; “Les Intermittences du couer”, Ex Elettrofonica. Rome; “Patria Interiore/Inner Homeland”, Golden Thread. Belfast; “QuadratoNomade”, Palace Expo. Rome.
Her work is in the collections of The National Cultural Institute of Oslo and of Seul, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Rome and Museum of Contemporary Art of Viareggio (Italy).

During the residency her project will be focused on understanding why it is impossible to her to have a linear narrative point of view and what is the meaning of interrupted fragments of a story. She will do that through sketches, a physical setting for a stop motion animation and an attempt of screen play that, maybe it will used or maybe not.

Beatrice Scaccia’s 2 months residency is supported by Grazia Curtetto, La scintilla, Rome

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