Residency Unlimited

Aya Goshen

Curator Name: Aya Goshen
Residency Dates: June – July 2022
Born: 1973
Hometown: Haifa, Israel
Lives & Works: New York
Master’s degree in Contemporary Art from Sotheby’s Institute of Art, New York
Master’s degree in Marketing from Tel Aviv University School of Business Administration
Bachelor’s degree in Economics, and Communication, Haifa University


Aya Goshen is an independent art curator based in New York City, originally from Israel. She initiates, curates, and produces contemporary art projects that celebrate art and bring people together. Her projects are diverse and stem each time from a different field of interest. Among them are immigrants’ identity and the concept of home, participatory events, hospitality, feminine identity, and gardening. Aya explores and expresses ideas and themes using artworks across media made by various artists.

“I have discovered that the combination of art and life inspires me, so I tend to showcase my projects in multifunctional places usually utilized for a mix of uses. I curated shows in public spaces, such as a building lobby and a community center, offering passersby an opportunity to experience art in their daily routine. On the other hand, I curated events in private domestic places, where viewers were invited to share an art experience in an intimate environment. Other intersections between art and life that my works explore are the crossing of art and nature and the impact of human beings on the landscape, as manifested in architecture and gardening. Hospitality and participatory events are additional areas where I’m intrigued by the crisscrossing of art and life – my projects explore shared experiences and people’s interactions as materials that construct artworks.”

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