Residency Unlimited

Avigail Talmor

Avigail Talmor (b. Haifa, Israel 1971) lives and works in Tel-Aviv. She holds a Master of Arts in European Media from the faculty of Art, Media and Technology, at Utrecht School of the Arts, Utrecht, Holland, and an MFA from Portsmouth University, Portsmouth, UK (1999). Talmor received a Designer’s diploma and a B.E.D diploma from the Department of Visual Communication at Wizo College of Art and Design, Haifa (1997).

Talmor’s work is deeply concerned with the relationship between institutionalized and private space. The tension between safe and threatening environments is key in her paintings, which typically depict isolated architectural structures and urban landscapes. Talmor disconnects these structures from their surroundings and changes, disassembles and rebuilds them into a new reality that is loaded with the political ideas that are lacking in real time and place.

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