Residency Unlimited

Andrew Lampert

Artist name: Andrew Lampert
Dates of residency: 2010
Born: mid-70s
Lives and work: New York

Andrew Lampert primarily produces films, videos and live performances. Over the last decade his works have been widely exhibited at festivals (NY Film Festival, Rotterdam International Film Festival, Kill Your Timid Notion), cinemas (BFI, Light Industry), galleries (Mitchell Algus Gallery, NYC & Associates, London), independent art spaces (The Kitchen, NYC & The Center for Contemporary Art, Glasgow), museums (The Getty Museum, Los Angeles & The Whitney Museum of American Art) and in numerous venues. He currently lives in Brooklyn, works as Archivist at Anthology Film Archives and is researching the seamy underbelly of the music industry for a new live production.

During his Special Features residency at RU, Lampert filmed “TRANSFERENCE DAY”

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