Residency Unlimited

Andras Blazsek

2012, audio performance with audio instruments of artist's original design

As an artist who works with sound, sculpture, installation and environment, Blazsek views sound and thought as elements that  can be treated as sculptural media.  Blazsek’s initial sound performances processed the mechanical noises of analog instruments through saturation and absorption; this approach was used as a way to explore the full spectrum of physical sound in everyday objects from everyday environments.

For his installations, Blazsek investigates the representation of technology through historical experiments by employing  a compound microscope  which is a frequency instrument used in clinical trials for cancer treatment and an observation chamber for camouflage design. He is interested in the motion of technology towards new production, or rather the function of production/reproduction. The objects he creates from this type of research attempt to capture states of transformation. These objects are made to occupy specially designed niches, where they can exist between science and art, without being aligned in a binary opposition.

More recently,  Blazsek is now working with new mediums and techniques such as digital three-dimensional scanning, printing and imaging. His extensive knowledge in traditional sculptural methods, new imaging technologies and audio engineering allows him to move confidently between different fields and mediums.

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