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Remijon Pronja featured in “Muslim Mulliqi Prize 2018 / Are our Memories History?”

Kosova National Art Gallery (Agim Ramadani, 60, Pristina, Kosovo)
Exhibition: October 18, 2018 – November 9, 2018  

There is no one single History and we are living through the entropy of History, but could we preserve the energy stored in the singular, individual “histories”? How is it possible for our separate individual histories to form a kind of a multiple and yet common history? Is it possible that in some places there might be just too many “Histories” at work at the same time? Might the rearrangement of History “fix” the individual stories too? Is it possible for the change of History to correct the individual memories at the same time? Do we have memories that do not fit into any of the new multiple histories around? Is there any hope that our memories are part of History, or of the many histories, or even of the collective memory?

Curatorial concept and selection of artists: Iara Boubnova


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