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Casita Maria Center for Arts & Education

In 2011, Casita Maria Center for Arts and Education and Residency Unlimited decided to join in partnership to select local and international artists interested in carrying out community based residencies in the South Bronx in addition to which Residency Unlimited provides customised support on an ongoing basis.

The mission of the Casita Maria Center for Arts and Education is to empower youth and their families by creating a culture of learning through high quality social, cultural, and educational opportunities.

The first edition of the RU/Casita Maria Partnership took place in 2011. International artists are selected through a panel process,  and New York based finalists are selected through an open call. In all cases, audience participation and engagement plays a major role, and artists are asked to organize community based workshops as an integral part of the projects developed.  In 2011, Melissa Calderon, a Bronx based artist, launched the program, followed New York based by Amelia Saul. In 2012, RU and Casita jointly hosted the residencies of the Australian artist Mark Bolotin followed by local artist Sonia Louise Davis. 2013 kicked off with the participation of the Austrian artist Walter Steinacher followed in the Spring by the Cambodian artist Khvay Samnang as part of RU’s involvement in the Season of Cambodia festival. In 2013 we hosted the local artist Onyedika Chuke‘s residency with the gracious support of the Amerian Chai Trust. In 2014, RU and Casita Maria hosted Meng Hsuan-Wu who did a wonderful project entitled Seeding Echoes Along the WindJapanese artist Takayuki Yamamoto as well as American artist Patrick Rowe. For more information Rowe’s residency, please visit his Tumblr. In 2015, Montreal based artist Dominique Paul worked on her wearable structures with the Casita Maria community. In 2016, RU and Casita Maria will host 2 artists in residence with a grant awarded by the Dedalus Foundation: Ana Peñalba and Jorge Mazzini.

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