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Mar, 2020

Mehryl Levisse: Transgress the Chromatic Order at Art Souterrain

Transgress the Chromatic Order
Art Souterrain

February, 29 6pm

Installation and performance

Mehryl Levisse lives in a very personal universe. This universe is very colorful; the motif is omnipresent and beings do not have the shape of our body. These beings are masked, non-gendered and they live in perfect harmony, or duality, with the private space.

What if we reset our world, of capitalism and of identity, dress and social codes?

Reset, so that my universe becomes a "norm" and that it invades reality, everyday life and public space.

In this new reset world, colorful, ornamental and decorative patterns then take place in public space. The walls are covered with colors, wallpaper and textiles. Above all, characters wander among the visitors in extravagant and extraordinary costumes.


Mehryl Levisse's artist book acquired by the NYPL and Thomas J. Watson Library

Merhyl Levisse "L'Esprit du Tricot" at Centre d'art Camac

"Mauvais Esprit" by Mehryl Levisse

Mehryl Levisse at Centre Georges Pompidou

Mehryl Levisse: "Société secrète" dans la vitrine de l'Antenne du Frac Ile-de-France

Mehryl Levisse's "Images artifices" at Centre Pompidou

Mehryl Levisse: Birds of a feather fly together - Catinca Tabacaru Gallery

Mehryl Levisse: Hôtesses at MO.CO, Montpellier Contemporary (France)

Mehryl Levisse


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