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Mar, 2016

Katya Grokhovsky in group exhibition of “All Small Gods” at A Place Gallery & Studio

All Small Gods
Curated by Picture Garden
Presented by Time Waste Management & Picture Garden

Opening Receptions:
Thursday, March 17th @ 7PM
Saturday, March 19th @ 7PM
March 17- April 2nd 2016

A Place Gallery & Studio
Gallery Hours: Thursday - Saturday, 12 PM - 6 PM
649 Mills Ave N, Orlando,
Florida 32803 USA

Adam Boley, Austin TX
Christine Comple, Tampa FL
Aruni Dharmakirthi, Portland OR
Katya Grokhovsky, Brooklyn NY
Nikki Sutterby, Orlando FL

“Many mythologies credit a small cadre of gods with the creation of the earth. After that, things tend to get weird. The offspring and creatures that come after these gods tend to develop their own ideas about how things should be. A god can spring fully formed from the leg of its parent, or it may be of low birth and earn its rightful place on the mountain of the gods.

The conditions of the universe are defined by the collective impulses of all the gods. One god may create the lay of the land, another an animal that runs across it. Base emotions and Machiavellian posturing pit minor gods against their uncles and make the juicy stories that have fueled the making of art throughout history.


Katya Grokhovsky


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