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Sep, 2015

Katya Grokhovsky in conversation with Anna Blumberg

During her month-long residency at SOHO20 Gallery, New York-based artist Katya Grokhovsky embarked on a series of emotionally expressive yet contemplative multimedia projects. These works address issues of gender by exploring the gallery’s feminist legacy as well as the artist’s own personal experiences of girlhood, womanhood, and the realities of being a female artist in a largely male dominated art world. SOHO20 Gallery became the site of Grokhovsky’s latest Feminist Urgent Roundtable, a series of open forum discussions and events moderated by the artist “focusing on the personal, often silent protests women carry out in their daily lives due to persistent and overwhelming feelings of hopelessness, expectations, patriarchy exhaustion, and gender inequality.” The residency came to a close with an open studio and participatory performance piece, titled Unresolved, in which Grokhovsky invited visitors to use a selection of brushes, combs, and scissors to untangle her hair, which she had not brushed deliberately for almost five months prior as a personal protest against gendered expectations imposed on girls and women.

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