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Feb, 2020

Gabriella Ciancimino: I can’t swim without a sky at Gilda Lavia Gallery (Rome)

I can't swim without a sky. wall drawing. variable dimensions. photo by Giorgio Benni

I can't swim without a sky
Gabriella Ciancimino
February 18- April 30, 2020

Gilda Lavia Gallery
Via dei Reti, 29 / C
00185 Rome

Gilda Lavia Gallery based in Rome is pleased to present I can’t swim without a sky, a solo show by the artist Gabriella Ciancimino.

With a series of new works, conceived for the exhibition, the artist continues by analyzing the relationship between humans and plants in Nature, at the basis of the creation of a Landscape as a "place" for reflection and safeguarding of historical memory and collective action. Through drawings on woven paper with sandpaper, watercolors, and site-specific interventions, the artist carries out a landscape reconstruction of the lands that extend around the Dead Sea.

Inspired by the apocryphal Gospel of Mary, Ciancimino tells the Holy Land in the time of Jesus: an archaic landscape already an area of social, political and cultural conflicts. The gallery space becomes a metaphor for the Garden of the Resurrection in which Jesus, with the aspect of a gardener, appears to Mary Magdalene, revealing and transmitting the Logos to her.

In reading what appears to us as a real jungle made of pictorial and gestural signs, the artist deals with and summarizes themes such as the inclusion of the other who becomes "total integration", coherently with the libertarian thought that has always animated her existential and artistic research.


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Gabriella Ciancimino

Gabriella Ciancimino


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