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Nov, 2016

Thibault Brunet in Paris Photo

Paris Photo

Galerie Binôme
Booth A11
Galerie Binôme shows a selection of artworks representing two contrasting artistic approaches. Mustapha Azeroual uses the old-fashion silver photography technique to question contemporary photography – daguerreotype, gum bichromate and lenticular printing - whereas Thibault Brunet creates images without camera through a 3D scanner, video game virtual worlds and Google Earth. These two artists redefine the frontiers of photography and its process while inventing a unique visual language to renew the representation of landscape.


Thibault Brunet

© Blaise Adilon

Peter Puklus and Thibault Brunet

Thibault Brunet : Territoires Circonscrits / Untitled16 / 2016 (Courtesy Galerie Heinzer Reszler)

Thibault Brunet's "Typologie du virtuel" presented at the FIAC


Pedro Wirz presents with Kai Matsumiya at the Newmarket at the Art Cologne Fair

Pedro Wirz

Ismaël Kachtihi Del Moral’s Laura at the MARS Gallery

Andrew Ross’s Parafiction at Art Center/South Florida

Daniel Horowitz’s The Noble Savage at RUTGER BRANDT GALLERY

TRIBALPHILIA I, 2016 Oil on paper 35 x 25 cm

Lulu Meng’s Rewoven at El Museo de Los Sures

Lulu Meng