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Oct, 2014

RU Residents participating in 2014 Art in Odd Places


We are very excited to see an abundance of current and past RU residents at the 2014 Art in Odd Places Festival (AiOP) including RU residents Katya Grokhovsky, an intervention by Maayan Sheleff with Frankie the Robot. Past residents Patrick Rowe, with Mobile Print Power and Melissa Calderon presents AmericanThe#FREE. Not to mention Sam Jablon, who donated work for our RU Summer benefit, and Todd Lester, of Lanchonete fame both have projects during the festival.

Slow Dance, Katya Grokhovsky


Slow Dance is a participatory, live, durational performance. The audience and passersby are invited to slow dance with the artist and numerous performers to music from diverse cultures and time periods.

Performance Schedule:

Thursday, October 9 from 1-3pm and 5-7pm on 14th Street and First Avenue.

Friday, October 10 from 12-2pm and 3-5pm on 14th Street and Ninth Avenue.

Saturday, October 11 from 1-3pm and 4-7pm on 14th street and Tenth Avenue, under the Highline.

Sunday, October 12 from 12-2pm, 3-5pm, and 6-8pm in Union Square.



Frankie, The Documentarian Robot


Frankie is an interactive installation: a robot that interviews people and documents them, attempting to learn what it means to be human.

Date - October 9 – 12

See details at:


Melissa Calderon: AmericanThe#FREE


AmericanThe#FREE is a web-­based, social-media-controlled project that allows social media users from around the world to engage the dueling hashtags of #freespeech and #freesnowden in a silent, interactive, yet passive freedom of speech protest.

Date October 9 – 12


Patrick Rowe - Talk is Cheap: Mobile Print Power and Bike-B-Q


Mobile Print Power will collaborate with Talk Is Cheap: Unincorporated Language Laboratories on a month-long project leading to a public printmaking.

Date - October 11


Katya Grokhovsky


Maayan Sheleff

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 6.01.56 PM 3

Patrick Rowe


Melissa Calderon



Carolina Martinez’s Stand SL1 at Portas Vilaseca Galleria

Filipe Cortez’s Matar Saudades at TKG+ Projects

Matar Saudades - Filipe Cortez Open Studio

Josephine kaeppelin’s Métalangue at ISELP in Brussels


Ana Bilankov’s Night Riders at Z-Bar Cinema

Night Riders

Thibault Brunet’s Solo Exhibition SOLEIL NOIR at La Halle

Soleil Noir