Residency Unlimited


2017 | NYC | Artist

Charlie Gross

"Spoils of Syria" Starbucks, NYC 2016
"Spoils of Syria" Starbucks, NYC 2016

Artist name: Charlie Gross
Dates of residency: Nov, 2016; Feb, 2017
Born: Pittsburgh, PA
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Lives and works: New York City
Education: BA, Comparative Literature, Columbia University; MA, Clinical Psychology, Graduate Center of the City University of New York

Charlie Gross lives in New York City and works as a photographer and a psychodynamically trained therapist. Before embarking on the latter in 2003, he worked as a portrait and reportage photographer – largely in the music world, including a longstanding stint as a touring photographer for Beck. His environmental portraiture - posed or candid - is psychologically infused and captures the surreal nature of everyday moments and the often uncanny, comical, tragic and absurd symbols that surround us. His abstracted urban and natural landscapes strip away and transform banal context but retain a dreamy interior aspect. His work is ultimately about the exploration of mental states in a visual context. It is focused both on private, interior life as well as cultural, social and macro elements and the constant interplay between them. His current residency at Kings County Psychiatric Hospital is his first and will be an opportunity for him to wed the visual and psychological in a specifically psychiatric context. Previously he shot portraits for a multimedia photography project of members of the Fountain House recovering from severe mental illness. Charlie was a White House Presidential Scholar in the Arts, studied photography at NYU Tisch School of the Arts and Corcoran School of Art. He has shot for multiple editorial and corporate clients and has a private practice in Manhattan.

SUPPORT: Charlie Gross's residency is made possible with RU's in partnership with NYC Health & Hospitals / Kings County and its Behavioral Health Service.