Residency Unlimited



Louisville’s IDEAS 40203 and Residency Unlimited with support from the National Endowment for the Arts under its Our Town grant program is placing artists chosen on project teams inside of corporations in a project called XlerateART.

The first roundtable discussion around “The Louisville Table”

Launch of “The Louisville table” – PHOTOS


Launch of “The Louisville Table”

IDEAS 40203’s first issue of Exponential Thinking

Project 6: Who’s Louisville? – Man Bartlett Artist Talk

Man Bartlett & IDEAS 40203 – Project 6: Who’s Louisville? at Zephyr Gallery

That time I took over the LEO Weekly’s Twitter account.

Man Bartlett Interviewed on Leo Weekly

A Survey on Diabetes in America

Louisville is Ready

Man’s Arduino Blinky – US Populations with Diabetes and Prediabetes

Man Bartlett Engages Thrive365

Presentation of Jakub Szczesny at GE’s First Build – PHOTOS

The Social Appliance

Szczesny on WFPL News 89.3FM

Jakub Szczesny & GE FirstBuild

An Intro to XlerateART