Residency Unlimited


Abrons Arts Center


Beginning in January 2011, Residency Unlimited (RU) and Abrons Art Center joined forces with the following arrangement. RU organises for RU staff and visiting curators to review the work of artists participating in Abrons Art Center's Airspace residency program on a monthly basis. In counterpart, Abrons Arts Center grants RU the use of its gallery space in the Fall to program exhibitions showing new work by RU local and international artists in residency.

As a result, in the Fall 2011, RU programmed 3 solo site specific installations by the local artist Andrew Mount (New York) , by Maude Léonard-Contant (Canada), and Tomaz Hipolito (Portugal).
In the Fall 2012, RU presented David Sprigg's (Canada) site specific installation "Blue" followed by Heta Kuchka's (Finland) "Present", with video portraits of seniors suffering from Alzheimer.
In 2014, RU presented This Exhibition Has Everything To Go Wrong, a group show with works by Manon HarroisMaria Lynch and Avelino Sala. This exhibition proposal was curated by Marina Noronha.

About Abrons Art Center's AIRspace residency program:
Each year, Abrons Art Center AIRspace residency program provides free studio space for 11 months, starting in late September, to five New York City visual artists and one curator under the AIRspace residency program (formerly the Visual Artist-in-Residence Workspace Program). Among the artists selected are painters, printmakers, photographers, sculptors, and video and installation artists.

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Carolina Martinez’s Stand SL1 at Portas Vilaseca Galleria

Filipe Cortez’s Matar Saudades at TKG+ Projects

Matar Saudades - Filipe Cortez Open Studio

Josephine kaeppelin’s Métalangue at ISELP in Brussels


Ana Bilankov’s Night Riders at Z-Bar Cinema

Night Riders

Thibault Brunet’s Solo Exhibition SOLEIL NOIR at La Halle

Soleil Noir