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Jun, 2017

Art Basel | Artist Talk | Artificial Lives: Aparna Rao and Alia Al-Senussi

Courtesy of Pors & Rao Studio

Thursday 15 Jun, 5pm - 6pm
MesseplatzHall 1, AuditoriumMesseplatzBasel4058, Switzerland
Art Basel

Bangalore-based artist Aparna Rao, part of the collective Pors & Rao, discusses her work and artistic practice with patron Alia Al-Senussi. Rao’s high-tech art installations draw upon her knowledge of mechanical and electronic engineering, programming and manufacturing. The results are a form of 'beings' that incorporate physical movement and responsive behaviors: a typewriter that sends out emails or a camera that, rather than capturing your image, makes you invisible.

Aparna Rao, Artist, Pors & Rao, Bangalore/Zurich, in conversation with Alia Al-Senussi, Art Patron, London.

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Pors and Rao

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