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Jun, 2017

David Helbich in Fabulous Failures at Botanique, Brussels

David Helbich has studied composition and philosophy in Amsterdam and in Freiburg. He created various experimental works on stage and in public space. His work explores between representative and interactive pieces and interventions, and conceptual work and actions.

He was invited by curator Erik Kessels to contribute to the group exhibition, Fabulous Failures- The Art of embracing Serendipity and Mistakes.

This exhibition manifests exhibits of the best Fabulous Failures found in contemporary art, design and photography, put together by a group of artists that like to fight perfection, embrace serendipity and look out for fabulous failures. It takes place from Thursday, 22nd June 2017 until Sunday, 20th August 2017. 

Click here for more information. - instagram-dh - instagram-BS


David Helbich


Mark Požlep for Sorry Not Sorry in Ghent, Belgium

Mark Požlep at the (SI) Island, ANTI festival, Finland and Ravne Gallery, Slovenija

Ève K. Tremblay at the Exposition Benefice 2017- Circa Art Actuel

Ève K. Tremblay in The Closer Together Things Are- Canadien Tour

Georg Petermichl in Appendix Toss at SORT