Residency Unlimited



Brigita Antoni (July – August 2021)

The residency at RU helped me realize my path as an artist, determine areas of focus and what I want to bring to the world as an artist. RU definitely fulfills this possibility, to help young artists expand in every sense.

Sandra Charles (May – July 2021)

Residency Unlimited is unlike any other residency Program in America. Each artist that attends will leave changed. The connections, other artists and being in such a creative atmosphere is invaluable.

Michelle Burdine (May – July 2021)

My RU residency was nothing short of life-changing. The professional connections, the new friendships forged with the RU artist cohort, and the access to world-class exhibitions all over NYC have deepened my art practice and greatly enriched my life. The result is exponential personal growth. I feel that I am a part of the RU family now and so will always know that I can look to RU for support when needed.

Damali Abrams (April – June 2021)

The RU Residency for NYC-based artists was amazing. I learned a lot and I was able to connect with a brilliant group of artists, and several art professionals from around the country, and also from Europe.
I loved it! I miss it! I would love a sequel to this residency where the four of us are able to utilize studio spaces together.

Elvira Clayton (April – June 2021)

I sincerely believe the RU Residency put air beneath my wings and was a catalyst in the forward movement of my art practice.

Zachary Fabri (April – June 2021)

This was my first virtual residency… I was pleasantly shocked by the ease with which I functioned in this virtual space… All of this is only true because our cohort was expertly selected and curated.

Judit Kis (May – July 2021)

My time in New York was incredibly productive and beneficial. I made many new work and built important connections. It was very intensive and sometimes difficult to process all the valuable feedbacks on time. I am sure they improved my practice and will keep inspiring my work long after the residency. I assume this past three months were the most important time in my career and I am very grateful for all the opportunities I had through this residency! I will be happy to return anytime in the future!


Angel Ricardo Ricardo Ríos (May – June 2021)

I was able to produce 13 new works. For me, one of the best experiences was meeting incredible people, benefiting from the assistance of the RU team. all super effective in their own ways….

Nika Ham (May – June 2021)

The experience was incredible and I have set my goals to come back to NY as soon as possible. I have grown as a person and as an artist. The whole RU team has been incredible and very supportive throughout the whole residency.
I love RU, YVAA, people and the city! Thank you!

Damir Sobota (April – May 2021)

RU was a great experience that I recommend it to any professional artist.
The team is always present and develops great connection between residents and curators.

Margrethe Aanestad (Feb – Apr 2021)

RU was a fantastic experience. RU provided more than I could imagine, due to an amazing expansion of my existing network in the art world both in New York, USA and internationally. The staff and the network connected to RU, is incredibly professional. I experienced a great learning about myself, my work and how to get to the core of my work.

Rotem Reshef (Mar – Apr 2021)

My residency at RU was meaningful and enjoyable, and I highly recommend it to any artist and art professionals. RU presented me with people and spaces I was not familiar with, extended my professional network, and opened my eyes to various art forms and creators from different countries, which was very interesting, culturally, and socially.

Paul Wesenberg (Feb – May 2021)

The cooperation went perfectly, the commitment was remarkable, RU was there for all concerns. The best possible entry into the New York art scene for artists from all over the world, USA and New York itself included. I really enjoyed my residence, more than that, I think I made a lot of new friends.

Irene Mamiye (Feb-Apr 2021)

I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to be part if this enriching program and would wish the experience to any emerging and mid career artist or curator.
I have such a warm feeling inside I will always carry with me when I think of my time here and would gladly do another residency with RU.

Peter Erik Lopez (Feb-Apr 2021)

The residency was wonderful. One of the best decisions I have made.

María de los Àngeles Rodríguez Jiménez (Oct-Nov 2020)

Given circumstances we found ourselves in, I thought the way the residency functioned for me was incredible. I did not mind at all the virtual studio visits, and found them very productive and not at all limiting. After meeting someone for the first time online, in most cases I would later schedule a studio visit with them in person if it was safe. I was able to focus intensely in the studio during this time and also navigate the city safely.

Asia Sztencel (Nov 2020 – Jan 2021)

I can’t express enough how important this experience was for me. Being under the RU wings felt very supportive…very precious feeling during these unprecedented times!

Ziyang Wu (Virtual Residency Apr – Jul 2020)

My experience as an artist-in-residence at Residency Unlimited was so wonderful! Due to COVID-19, the residency was fully online; Rachel, Alyssa, Nathalie and Lulu did such a wonderful job to keep the residency experience fruitful, enlightening, caring and engaging. We had weekly studio visits with wonderful curators, writers, and organizations, and I was introduced to a series of great opportunities and connections. During our weekly discussions, we talked about many important topics ranging from the relationship between community and immunity,IMF’s role in Jamaica, Universal Basic Income and Mutual Aid among sex workers. The experience was really helpful and meaningful. I truly appreciate it.

Allie Wist (Virtual Residency Apr – Jun 2020)

I was in awe of the incredible curation of some of the most fascinating contemporary minds on the topic of food futures, and the depth and richness of every single discussion had as part of the program.

Siri Lee (Virtual Residency Apr – Jun 2020)

Under normal circumstances, I would already be deeply grateful for the opportunity to be part of such a supportive and enjoyable residency, but in the midst of the uncertainty of 2020, the warmth and motivation I have received through RU have become even more valuable. This residency has been an important stabilizing and motivating element at a time of great turbulence and isolation. The pandemic coincided with the residency’s beginning and at the time threatened to short-circuit my capacity to make artistic work, but this residency has both given me the space and breathing room to simmer in suspense, while also rousing me to nonetheless continue to seek out and dive into new ideas.

Carlos Rosales-Silva (Virtual Residency Apr – Jul 2020)

My residency at RU was wonderful. The RU staff were so caring and communicative during the residency period and my cohort was brilliant and deeply engaged. Given the circumstances of a global pandemic it would have been easy to let the residency unravel but Rachel, Alyssa, and the rest of the RU staff remained committed to giving residents the best experience they could. Truly appreciate my time in residence.

Elizabeth Moran (Virtual Residency Apr – Jul 2020)

Thank you all so much for your critical thinking and deep care throughout these last several months. I couldn’t be more thankful to have had RU as an organizing structure and support system.

Mia Enell (Oct-Nov 2019)

Worth mentioning is the true diversity of the artists, in all possible ways.

The interaction with the other artists was genuine and giving.

Several follow up visits, new connections and great conversations.

Katarina Petrovic (Oct – Nov 2019)

RU was a great host and helped me establish a viable network in NYC by connecting me with many interesting people through the studio visit program, as well as by introducing my work to a larger audience. It was very valuable for me to have a personal connection with the team and feel that I have your support.