Residency Unlimited


2010 | NYC | Special Features

Francisca Caporali


Name of artist: Francisca Caporali
Dates of residency: 2010
Lives and work: Brooklyn and Belo Horizonte
Education: MFA, Integrated Media Arts, Hunter College
MA, MECAD-ESDI, Barcelona, Spain

Francisca Caporali is a Brazilian artist. In 2007/2008, Francisca was awarded the  AAUW International Fellowship and in 2008, participated in the  LMCC Swing Space residency. Her films and videos have been shown and exhibited at SCOPE and Orchard47 in NYC, UnionDoc in Brooklyn, MANA in Jersey City, Gandy Gallery in Slovakia, Break 2.4 Festival in Slovenia, VideoBrasil, Wide World Film festival in Toronto and the Flaherty Seminar in Hamilton.

During her Special Features residency at RU, Caporali filmed "KUMUKUx60" (video 2:37mins)