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RU Talk + Workshop: Art in the Digital Age—Tips to navigate the Maze of Technology and Art

Hamza Kırbaş “Traces of Being” 3D animation, 2024

Tuesday March 26, 2024 | 11:00am – 1:00pm

Location: Residency Unlimited
360 Court Street (main green church doors), Brooklyn NY 11231 (map)

In addition to taking place in-person at RU, this program will be streamed online via Zoom at this link.

This presentation brings together the Istanbul based curator Esra Özkan whose thesis project focuses on AI driven experience of post-human in the post-digital era; Hamza Kirbas, 2022 RU alum who is now working at Mercer Labs, a new art and technology museum that just opened in the Financial District and Lulu Meng, 2015 RU alum and RU Operations Director.

Esra will share her perspective on the development of emerging technologies since the 90’s and tips about the use of artificial intelligence programs. Hamza will introduce participants to programs such as Cinema 4D, 3D animation and rendering software that he uses extensively in his artwork. And LuLu will talk about their approach of using hidden microcontroller units, a low-cost technology in their installations that explore the fusion of technologies and material world in modern life.

Everyone is invited to join! Coffee and tea will be provided.

RU Talk + Workshop: Art in the Digital Age—Tips to navigate the Maze of Technology and Art

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Esra Özkan is an independent digital art curator based in Istanbul and London, known for her expertise in immersive and emerging technology art. Esra was the curator and director of the 2017-2019 bangprix program and has been a curator at Contemporary Istanbul (CI) since 2019. Esra led large-scale installation projects as a co-curator at Istanbul The Lights Festival and is also the artistic director of the Istanbul Digital Art Festival. Ozkan’s curatorial and academic writings combine philosophy with post-digital terminology and the effects of post-human concepts in interdisciplinary arts. Her unique approach explores the boundaries between physical and virtual worlds, pushing traditional art forms. Her writings offer insightful insights into the intersection of philosophy, technology, and art, making her a leading figure in the field of immersive and emerging technology art.

Hamza Kırbaş’ multi-disciplinary practice encompasses 3D visuals, 3D animations, sculptures, installations, site-specific installations, and augmented reality. His works are conceived and shaped as a communication model between space, time and the audience. He takes subjects from daily life to establish links with the past, future and present. In particular, he transforms the moment we live into images that reflect the global scale and the effects these events have on our lives whereby the viewer is solicited to become an active participant.

LuLu Meng is the Operations Director at RU and 2015 RU artist resident. Meng works across media to explore the connections between the individual and the collective in contemporary society. Employing everyday materials and objects as well as digital components, drawings, and photographs to generate interactive and performative installations, their concept-based practice examines the quotidian to better understand the complexities of interpersonal relationships in both the virtual and the physical world. Based in Brooklyn and as a queer artist from Taiwan with a background in chemical engineering, costume design, and event management, their lived experience has prompted a series of questions that inform their practice: What are the real differences between people? What are the values and aspirations that people share? What connects people?

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